Letter: Congo Virus in Balochistan

Recently in Quetta, a 12 years old girl was diagnosed with the Congo Virus in Ziarat and she was brought to Fatima Jinnah TB Sanatorium hospital in Quetta for her treatment. The girl was admitted in the isolation ward of the hospital, where the treatment was done medically.
When the tests came from the laboratory then undoubtedly it was confirmed that the girl is affected by Congo virus. In the isolation ward the all instruments are available to treat the patients of Congo virus due the isolation ward the people can be secured from Congo virus. Now the girl is in good condition.
It is more painful to mention that three other patients of Congo virus were admitted in isolation ward on suspicion of Congo virus.
I request to the Health authorities to spread awareness about the Congo virus and protect the people from the deadly Congo virus.
Mehraj Altaf – Turbat
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