Letter: Koh-e-Murad Ziarat Needs Government Attention

Koh-e-Murad Ziarat, a religious place, is situated in Kech District of Balochistan which is considered a holy place by Zikri sect. Every year thousands of people from different areas of Balochistan and Sindh assemble here to perform various religious rituals, but unfortunately, the special place has been the victim of neglect from the government. It yet lacks the fundamental infrastructures which are the needs of people. As a result, the people confront various critical problems.
Water has been another problem here; the Ziarat dam is the only source of water supply which is already dried up due to no seasonal rains for a long time. And still no actions are taken to supply water properly.
Similarly, the security for the people has not been satisfactory when they are travelling long to reach here, government has shown laziness here too. Several times they have been attacked and many have lost their lives and valuables in several incidents.
Despite the Zikri officially being approved in the name of All Pakistan Muslim Zikri Community, gets no attention from the government.
It is to draw the attention of government to provide basic facilities to the Zikri sect. Urgent actions must be taken in this regard.
Gul Jan BALOCH – Makran
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