Letter: Unaffordable Education

Well, education is sold now-a-days in the hands of poor person who are not able to take simple thing for eating but the educational department is doing injustice about taking lots of money from poor students for the purpose of providing education.
In Turbat’s Atta Shad Degree collage, a number of poor students were not being able to take admission due to the fee. Because the government increased admission fee for FSC to Rs. 3050 and FA to Rs. 2950 rupees. Due to this, lots of students killed their wishes as they wanted to be great teachers, doctors, nurse, etc. They are not only considering we are being deprived but also no one is ready to help poor in this entire country for the purpose of getting education as if they are not part of the country. After this cruelty they did not take admission so now they are going to work in a shop, private institution, and center so on.
I appeal the government of Balochistan to decrease the admission fee because poor students cannot afford and their lives can be destroyed by this act. The government should provide education for the purpose of country’s future. Education is everyone’s fundamental right and the government should support poor students for being knowledgeable in order to make the country strong,
 Amir Badeer – Turbat
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