Letter: Home Gardens

Everyone wants to live in beautiful and pleasant surroundings. Ones home is the center of attention for every individual. We want to see our home as something special, something pleasing to the mind and heart.
However, a house is just a building made of wood or mud or brick and cement. A good way of beautifying a place is to grow flowers and vegetables plants there. Most people think that a large plot of land is needed for a home garden. It is not like so. A home garden can be set up in small place with the presence of flower and greenery adds to beauty of a place.
Even a passing glance at the plants in early morning cheers up the people and freshen them up for whole day. If there is sufficient space for a lawn then a name garden is an ideals place for sitting with your family members also you can meet your friends in the home garden and shows your ability, taste and class. Likewise people can follow your example and set up their own home garden.
So, every family should make a small garden and call it their home garden.
Dolat khan – Turbat
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