Letter: Shah Noorani Attack

Days were just passed after the attack on the Cadets Training Center in Quetta, the other suicide attack took more than 50 lives and injured hundreds at the Shrine in Shah noorani.
Victims who got killed there were already disappointed of their lives and were there to find a ray of hope.
This attack clearly depicts the intentions of enemy that by attacking the soft targets, they are trying to demoralize people, create a sense of insecurity everywhere and kill the others psychologically.
Unluckily, our security apparatus and those who are at the helm of affairs have failed to cope with this emerging threat. They have been totally reactive and are at nowhere to take some concrete and substantiated measures to curb this menace.
It is the time our lawmakers put their brains together and chalked out plans to save the innocent lives from the next attack.
Zafar Musyani – Khuzdar
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