Letter: Shortage of Books

I would love to draw the kind attention of the government of Balochistan towards shortage of books in schools.
As the session got started in summer zone almost three 3 months ago, but still some of the students have not gotten their course books completely and are facing difficulties.
As it is one of the basic rights of a student, yet they are deprived of it.
Furthermore, approximately three months have passed and we can find some students who have not read anything due to shortage of books.
However, they urged to DEO in order to bestow them course books. According to them a question arises here if it is necessary to have books in academics to study, then why the government of Balochistan does not provide enough books to educational institutes?
Government must provide as many books as the students need so that in their progress hindrance shouldn’t remain.
We can’t endure it further that is enough to be born, whereas after some months exams are being conducted by the board of Balochistan. It is fine for those pupils who have their complete course books they can manage themselves, but what about the ones who don’t have books. What will they do in the examination? It is crystal clear that they will be compelled to cheat there.
These are the prime requirements and we can’t avail them, due to such situations. We are totally helpless here we cannot do anything for our own development. If someone can do then that is the government of Balochistan and it’s the responsibility of government to fulfill the all needs and requirements of governmental institutions specially the deficiency of books should be eliminated in schools.
As it is compulsory for a soldier to have weapons with him/her. Similarly it is kind of obligatory on a student to have books with him or her.
Finally I plea to the concerned authorities to provide us sufficient books till that we should not face the problem of not having books.
Muheem Jan
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