Letter: Slaughterhouses in Turbat

Turbat is the second largest city of Balochistan with a population of 79,200 persons. In this city, the condition of slaughterhouses is very bad. The authorities concerned and butchers are equally responsible for the miserable plight of slaughterhouses.
The lack of cleanliness at slaughterhouses badly affect the health of the public. Most of the butchers do not have refrigerators in their shops to keep the meat fresh. Some butchers slaughter animals by the roadside and leave their innards in the open, which are covered by flies. These butchers do not follow hygiene standards at their shops.
The construction of the Turbat road is in progress and there is a lot of dust and pollution. When cars and motorbikes pass, they raise a cloud of dust that later settles on the meat hanging at the roadside shops of butchers. The consumption of such meat spreads different diseases among citizens.
Unfortunately, butchers are given a free hand to play with the people’s health. The concerned authorities and the municipal committee, especially Turbat Mayor Haji Gulam Rasool, are requested to take action against this serious problem.
Aqil Baba – Turbat
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