Letter: Awaran the Neglected District

Awaran, an earthquake-stricken district, is the most neglected and underprivileged district of Balochistan. The town is confronting numerous health, educational, electricity, and potable water problems and lacks shoddy infrastructure.
It is quite pathetic that living in twenty-first century the district has no electricity, as most of the Bank works and office works are done on generators. The contemporary government of Balochistan pledged to run the wheel of Awaran on the road of progress and glory but the dismal condition is vivid example of false promises.
Sadly, the 2013 earth-quake ruined the whole district demolishing almost every house of it. Till today, many people are living in ghettos and slums. Due to disastrous natural calamity many people lost their jobs and other sources of income now it is hard for them to meet both ends.
I profoundly request, Chief Minister Zehri to pay special attention to Awaran district and should response the needs of the people.
Waqar Qasim – Turbat
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