Letter: Need of a Burn Center in Turbat

Turbat, the second largest city of Balochistan lacks a burn center. Recently, on 21st September, a cylinder blast burnt 20 women in a marriage in Shapok, a village some 40 kilometers away from Turbat. The burn effecters endured the worst conditions because of the lack of a burn unit in the district Headquarter Hospital Turbat. This accident took the lives of some 10 women who couldn’t get immediate burn treatment. It would be possible to save their lives if there were a burn center.
Turbat city in the recent years has been developed remarkably when it comes to infrastructure but there must be more concentration towards the health facilities since it is the need of the time. I request the provincial health minister to please pay due attention towards this need issue which will no doubt save the lives of many around.
Mahjabeen Hassan – Turbat
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