Letter: Quetta Needs More Public Libraries

Quetta, despite being the capital city of Balochistan, confronts an extreme shortage of public libraries. Unsurprisingly, Quaid-e-Azam library is the only public library throughout the city that badly struggles to accommodate its students owing to space inadequacy.
Consequently, students are forced to go through private libraries and lift the burden of exorbitant fees in order to continue their preparation to cope with various entry tests and competitive exams. Ergo, private librarian authorities are highly urged to fix an affordable and appropriate monthly fee which should not witness a lash on their back rather should prove to be a sigh of relief for the underprivileged students to spend their monthly granted money on educational purposes.
The incumbent government must also come up with comprehensive plans and play its roles to set up more public libraries for the financially unstable students and promote reading culture in the educationally marginalized city.
Nabeel Hussain – Quetta
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