Letter: Is Protesting for Education a Crime?

This letter is with reference to the recent protest outside the Quetta press club for the provision of the internet in several districts of Balochistan. From class One we are taught that getting an education is our fundamental right. But we were not taught that this right for learning and memorizing only, we cannot imply it on ourselves. It was obvious from the act of the Quetta police during that protest. The act of Baton Charge and imprisoning the male students and misbehaving with female students. It was an extremely shameful act performed by the Quetta Police.
But we can not only condemn the Police for this shameful act because they are just government servants, but they also do what they are told to do so. I condemn the Government of Balochistan as well for all this. The Government should fulfill the demands of the students for the right of getting an education, but if it cannot fulfill the demands, then it at least should not let the authorities to act brutally with the young generation.
Almost 30% of students of Balochistan have access to the internet, and rest is left with either no internet access or with extremely weak internet access. It would not be fair for all those students if HEC decisions only benefit some students who belong to metropolitan cities and those who have proper access to the internet.
I request the Higher Education Commission, Government of Balochistan, and Education minister to kindly take decisions considering the situations of every student so that it should be fair with everyone.
Atiq Ali – Quetta 
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