Letter: Libraries are Must for Progress of Balochistan

Libraries are the treasure of knowledge in which most of the eminent scholars are buried in the books. People have to dig out that knowledge and use it for the development of their intellect, their consciousnesses, and for the betterment of their lives.
Also, those nations who have swum in the ocean of knowledge and made books their boats, have reached the destination which they were searching for. For instance, the developed countries followed the route of education, they build libraries for their people and educate them. Today they are the most prosperous nations in the world. Considering China, which is a fast-growing country, she is having the biggest library in the world. Because the leaders focused on education, now they are technologically advanced, their health sector is excellent and their infrastructure is well structured.
Pakistan, which is far behind other countries, is also having a number of libraries in its major cities and provinces. On the other hand, Balochistan which is the biggest and resource-rich province of  Pakistan is lacking this treasure of Libraries which is a linchpin for the progression of a nation.
Students from Balochistan travel to the larger cities when they intend to start preparing for competitive exams like CSS and PCS to take advantage of the libraries. Due to the non-availability of libraries, they find a number of difficulties in the cities. Federal and provincial governments must think about this issue on a priority basis and resolve it.
Farooq Gichki – Panjgur
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