Letter: Wi-Fi Hotspot for Students in Balochistan

I was pleased to hear the good news that the Punjab Information Technology Board has installed about 192 hotspots for the public in three big cities of Punjab. It is such a great step taken by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif. His accomplished steps for the citizens of Punjab are appreciated.
It hurts me to see that in my province, Balochistan, let alone the public, the students of many collages or libraries are deprived of Wi-Fi facility. Personal Wi-Fi is used by students but public Wi-Fi for students does not exist there.
Internet is one of the major sources through which a student can get help. Almost in all collages or libraries Wi-Fi is available for students, but being the citizens of Turbat city, 2nd biggest city of province Balochistan, I witness no Wi-Fi hotspot in collages or libraries for students.
Therefore, I request to the CM of Balochistan to avail this facility in collages or libraries so that a student must not suffer from any problem regarding their education.
Atiq Ali Jan – Turbat
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