Letter: Shortage of Water in Pasni

It is a reality to state that there are several areas in Balochistan that are facing problems due to the unavailability of water.
Pasni is also among those areas where water is being supplied by pipe lines from different nearby places. These pipes are dug underground and have cuts due to the passing of vehicles constantly. Therefore, the water gets salty before it reaches the house of the Pasni residence.
The water which is supplied through tankers is gathered from rain water near Pasni which is also not pure but much better than the water supplied through pipe lines. Tankers are sold to the people chamber wise, one chamber is sold for almost Rs. 2,500.
The poor ones cannot afford and go for drinking the salty water from the pipe lines. Because of this many infections or diseases are affecting the people.
I request the government to come forward and take this issue seriously.
Zubair Shah AD – Turbat
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