Letter: Role of Media

In my entire life till now, I have observed that our media is showing a lot of biases in their coverage or in their perception. We have seen that media tries to show the flaws in any government or in society.
It is very good that our media is trying to figure out the loopholes in society but at the same time I think media lacks to picture the positive image of the government or you can say totally ignoring the positivity.
It’s not the problem of our society because we people are born with negativity injected to us. So our mind mostly denies taking the pill of positivity as media plays a mainstream role in any society. News articles are seen by most of the other countries who have a keen interest in Pakistan. Then we complain that European countries are not giving us respect, which we deserve.
I think that we can’t totally blame other countries for their behavior towards us. We people also have some responsibility as there are hundreds of positive changes occurred or occurring around us and we make ourselves blind towards them. It’s our responsibility to portray a positive picture of society.
Every individual should take part in this mission because change can’t be done by a single person and only by a group of people can give it the right path.
Waleed Langau – Quetta
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