Letter: Panjgur in Darkness

People in Panjgur are enduring the lack of electricity for many years. QESCO staff are taking the salary of providing no electricity to the residents. Since the December has begun, electricity is playing hide and seek. Neither gas is available by which the residents could diminish the pain of these cold days nor electricity to switch heaters.
All efforts have gone in vain. Old and young all are compelled to take ablution with cold water and offer the prayers but the employees of QESCO have no idea about it. People have lost expensive appliances due to the hide and seek of electricity. It is one of the major issues in Panjgur that needs to be solved.
Electricity in Panjgur is like nothingness. No one knows when the bulbs become light, dim or off. There is no schedule of load shedding. Sometimes the electricity vanishes for 8-11 hours which is unbearable in such cold weather.
The minister of Panjgur, AsadUllah, chief minister Jam Kamal, Judge, District Commissioner, SDO all are requested to take strict action against this irresponsible act of QESCO Panjgur.
Yasmeen Baloch – Panjgur
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