Letter: Problems of Panjgur

People of Panjgur are deprived of a basic platform that is used by most of the people to raise their voice against injustice. They have no platform to raise their voice and demand for their rights. People of Panjgur keep silent on every issue and untoward situation. Perhaps this is because they don’t have the basic platform—press club.
Currently, in Panjgur, students have hundreds of issues, but they can’t say anything because they don’t have a platform. In Panjgur, the principals of colleges induct their favorite people on posts.  They favor their siblings for functions and events. Besides students, the public is facing many unresolved issues. They approach the concerned authorities regularly, but there is no progress of any form in any department! Press club is a basic need which is considered a basic platform for every city and district.
We request to C.M Jam Kamal to pay attention towards this sensitive issue and provide the students and public of Panjgur with this basic platform so that they could highlight their issues through this platform.
Yasmeen Baloch – Panjgur
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