Letter: COVID-19 in Hub

Hub is known to be one of the largest industrial centers in Balochistan. It has more than 135 industries. It is the fourth well-known city in the province that has a population of around 0.2 million.
The COVID-19 pandemic has stunned the entire world at this stage. Certainly, it hasn’t spared a single city all over the globe, and Hub may be one of those places where it has already made an appearance. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have facilities to diagnose affected patients.
Currently, Balochistan has the lowest number of cases as compared to other provinces of the country. It’s just because the government hasn’t examined as many people as the other provinces have. Unfortunately, if this pandemic starts spreading in the city, it will be hard for the government to overcome it. The city lies adjacent to Karachi which has already jeopardized its surrounded areas.
 In this alarming situation, the government of Balochistan should increase the testing capacity of the city. Otherwise, it may imperil thousands of people. Inflow of factory workers is also an alarming situation. The government has to step in to get along the circumstances. If the government fails to responsd affectively, a nightmare will fall upon the residents of the city!
Aman Saleem Shahwani, Hub
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