Top 10 Most Read Stories of Balochistan Voices in 2022

In the calendar year 2022, Balochistan Voices continued its content generation and strived to cover a wide range of issues relating to Balochistan. Continuing our tradition, we are sharing the list of the top 10 most-read stories of Balochistan Voices in 2022. This list only includes stories published in 2022. Stories published in years before and read during 2022 are not part of the list.
Following are the most-read stories of Balochistan Voices in 2022 in descending order:
10) Bagris: In Search of a Land
By Ayaz Khan

This is a feature story exploring the plight of the Bagri community within Hindu religious minorities in Hub, Balochistan.
70-year-old Popat brought his family to Hub, Balochistan, from Sindh at the start of June. He belongs to the Bagri caste, one of the 41 scheduled castes in Pakistan according to the Scheduled Castes Ordinance 1957…
9) Highways Dominate Allocation for Balochistan in Federal PSDP
By BV Team

This is a story that explores the details of funds allocated for highways of Balochistan in federal PSDP 2023-23 
With the allocation of over Rs33 billion highways dominate Balochistan’s share in the federal Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) 2022-23…
8) Better Late Than Never: Jain Temple Restored and Opened for Public After Three Decades
By Sher Ali
This is a feature story about the Jain temple which was restored in Lahore after a period of three decades.
Religious and cultural heritage sites often bear the brunt of bigotry and intolerance. Perhaps, the famous Jain Temple, which stood with all its glory and grandeur in the heart of Anarkali Bazar Lahore, also fell victim to such a wave that…
7) A Future Sans Birds
By Ayaz Khan

This is a feature story about how hunting birds affect the natural environment. 
Can you imagine a spring morning bereft of tuneful and soothing voices of birds? You must because human activities are soon going to turn your imagination into reality! In my youth, hunting mania often drove me to fields located on the outskirts of my city…
6) Quetta Airport Runway Closures Creating Massive Inconvenience for Travellers
By Adnan Aamir

This is a story about how an unplanned construction of a runway has affected the flight operations at Quetta International Airport.
Qayyum Khan left his village early in the morning for Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar, after he PIA confirmed via a call that his flight to Quetta was on time. While on the way to the airport, he got a text message saying that the flight had been…
5) Grave Water Crisis in Balochistan
By Nazeer Ahmed
This is a blog about how water scarcity is affecting the day-to-day lives of the citizens in impoverished Balochistan.
In the modernized world of the 21st century, the Water crisis is an emerging challenge in low and middles income countries.  Studies on the water crisis indicate that the situation of water security and availability in Balochistan is below the standards of the…
4) Lasbela: The New District Debate
By Ayaz Khan
This is a news story about the political crisis which started in the aftermath of the division of the Lasblea district of Balochistan. 
Political muscle-flexing predicts the approaching general elections in the country. The prediction of holding timely elections falls short of any guarantee given the political uncertainty which has gripped the country at the moment…
3) 11 Billion Allocated for Gwadar in Federal Budget 2022-23
By BV Team

This is a news story explaining the allocations for Gwadar in the federal PSDP of 2022-23.
The federal government has allocated Rs11.39 billion for 23 development projects in Gwadar in the Public Sector Development Program 2022-23. These details were made public on Friday evening when the budget for the fiscal year 2022-23…
2) Climate Change Reinforcing Structural Inequalities in Balochistan
By Kinza Fatima

This is an option article which explains that how the impact of climate change is exacerbating the already existing structural inequalities in Balochistan. 
Climate change has deepened the crisis and continues to take a toll throughout Pakistan, from unprecedented heatwaves to flash floods and wildfires. The temperature in Pakistan has increased to one degree Celsius annually…
1) A Mountain to Climb Everyday
By Adila Batool Changezi

This is a feature story that reveals the problems faced by Hazara residents living on mountains in Quetta due to congestion and an increase in population.
Saima*, was a coal miner’s wife and a domestic worker herself, residing at the foothills of Koh-i-Murdar. One fateful morning, she rose only to find out putrefied food in the kitchen which she went out to dispose of down the foothills.
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